Is it make any sense to give return gifts? If yes,what the heck that 'sense' means?

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Its all about my curiosity (cum anger) over this term "return gift" which I heard for the first time in my one of the friend's wedding ceremony. I was really not understood why he gave me this gift after his wedding, I was figuring out and replied with this (return gift) word that I never learned in any dictionary (at least not in my dictionary, lol). All I knew at that time was that the gift I got for my forgotten birthday. but no! of course. So I decided to find out the exact semantics of this (return gift) term and here is the past, present, and future of this thing.

Hence, I have started my research and found some websites who offer return gifts and stuffs online. But I never found any reasoning as such on those websites, realized that they just following the trends and do not know the reason why they are doing that (of course for the selling). So, I got nothing on e-commerce websites, I started surfing over some other community sites and questionnaires, got one website where I found sort of answer to my question and when deeply searched I got the reasons behind that. But one thing I realized that very few people know about this thing or the reason behind it. So I just divided this research into three parts for proper understanding:

1. History: This part includes the history of return gifts from ancient times.

2. Myths: This part is really very important though as it gives you the real answer.(You may skip to this part if you hate 'History')

3. Proposition:
 Here, in this part, I will give you some hints, suggestions and examples for perfect return gifts.

Let's start with this,

Return Gifts have an interesting and meaningful history. It is not actually started with marriage. Let's rewind to the flashback in the Ancient Europe where Kings and Queens give "bonbonniere". Now, what is this "bonbonniere"? These are the small boxes that these Royal Families used to gift their guests. These small boxes might be contained of some valuable things (cannot predict).

Afterwards, aristocrats who inspired from these rituals started to gift these boxes which normally includes jewels, precious stones and sometimes gold too. This makes them feel more humble to the guests who have better status to make the relationship more bright. This tradition actually helped them to make happy and long live relationships that helped them to overcome any issues they found erotic.

There was a case where they helped their guests by giving a noble return gift like sugar. The reason behind giving sugar was the sugar crisis. Now let's have a look at the myths which followed by these traditions.

2. Myths
Return gifts are just the regular gifts but the only difference as it is given to the people you are thankful for. But based on research I have found that most of the people relate this term to the wedding gifts. They feel it as the most royal thing they can do to show their status to the society by giving them special expensive gifts. Another assumption grown these years that return gifts should be something that shows up but you can also give some useful things as gifts like books, diaries etc. Here I will tell you what exactly you can choose as a return gift if you decided to do so.

3. Proposition
What composite a good return gift?
The simple answer to this one is keeping it as meaningful as possible. Today Return gifts are not treated as just type of thankfulness but the good luck. For example, in anyone's wedding when you gift them some precious thing they want to share their good luck with you in the terms of return gifts. You have to mind some points when you decide to give return gifts to your guests:

1. Make it a meaningful choice for you and the person you are giving to, make sure it symbolizes affection of both of you.

2. Select something that precious and practical in real life. It should be worth remembering to them otherwise it will be of no use. You may consider giving a gift that they do not look as regular basis like personalized cushions which they can remember whenever they go to bed. 

3.  What about gifting them something that they can eat? If you want to say thanks to someone the best option is to stop the rats from running inside their stomach(overcome their hunger). You may choose milk chocolates for this purpose, they will definitely remember and say thank you whenever they have it.

4. Do not neglect the importance of cultural gifts as one of the options for a return gift. Today's modern wedding rituals are the most suitable for these types of options if you need to pick quickly. For example, laughing buddha considered as the luckiest charm or good luck for anyone having it. You can also try to gift a lucky elephant, elephants are considered as good luck.

Whenever or whatever you decide to give, just make it loveable and meaningful with usefulness too.

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